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About Us

Originally founded in 1979 providing solutions for business.  While others provide programs, we research your requirements to find a Solution to meet your needs.

We started out providing custom programming solutions in 1979.  We develop both single and multi user applications.  In 1997 Web page design was added to our services. We develop static pages, database driven, Flash, to web enabled application solutions based upon our collaborative review of your needs.

Solution Technologies, Inc. is owned and operated by Russ Dunham.  A strong technical background along with his ability to work with clients to determine their requirements, is the foundation of Russ' experience.  He has learned and used a variety of programming languages: C, C++, PHP, CGI, Python, HTML, Flash Actionscript, Javascript, Perl, & more.  Russ also has extensive experience in XML.  He knows Linux, Solaris, UNIX, Windows, AIX, DOS, and Mac operating systems.  His database experience includes, SQL (MySQL, Oracle), C-Tree, Fox-Pro, and Access.  Russ has been designing and developing software solutions since 1979 and web pages since 1997.

Solution Technologies, Inc. is located in Omaha, Nebraska, and serves clients across the US.

Originally founded in 1979 as Alpha Data Systems, changed to Dunham Data Systems in 1983. The company name was changed to Solution Technologies in 1991 to better reflect our services.

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